If he’s going through . With this farce, there’s only one woman he’ll take as his wife his sister-in-law’s American friend Mila. She’s a rebellious little thing, with fiery passion simmering beneath her Although Mila’s never been more than coldly polite to him, Rashid will do what it takes to win her over. If the sub had got stuck in the on the way in as it would have done, what would you now be saying? Scumbag insulting one of the heroes who rescued those boys. Accusing someone of being a paedophile, unless you can prove it, is normally a pretty solid reason an apology would solve everything. Mila’s always been a wild child, but when she chose to follow her to Dubai it wasn’t to work as a glorified waitress. She needs a chance to get ahead, but when that opportunity comes, it’s not a job she’s offered it’s a marriage. Rashid Sharif is ridiculously handsome.

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