I’m a Libra Scorpio cusp World’s Greatest Guitar You Wouldn’t Understand shirt. I’m 28 and my entire life I have clung so closely to being a Scorpio. Then I actually did my chart and found out I’m a rising Libra and sun Libra. Was enough to throw me into an identity crisis.  I’m a Libra-Scorpio cusp too! But I was born on October 25th and 2 degrees Scorpio, yet I feel act, and when I ask others to guess my sign they almost always say libra, and I’m not a Libra rising so it’s quite weird.

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That Aries/Taurus confusion makes sense World’s Greatest Guitar You Wouldn’t Understand shirt. Sun signs are important but moon signs and rising signs, as well as the rest of their birth charts, are important as well. Sun signs don’t tell the whole story. I went 29 years thinking I was a Leo sun & Libra rising. Checked my birth certificate and I wasn’t born at 12:10, I was born at 2:10, and am a Scorpio rising. Makes so much more sense, but I swear I had a quarter-life crisis because of it lol. Oh hey, March 22 here. Learning that cusps existed changed my life. Always thought I was too sensitive to be an Aries..but also I did my birth chart and I’m a cancer moon.. Yah I’ve been told I come across like a Scorpio but I’m actually a Cancer with a Sagittarius mid haven with Jupiter in Capricorn. It could also be my 8th house retrograde Pluto in Sagittarius trine my sun, moon, and Mercury. I’m born on the cusp, June 23rd, and I read that cusp people attract other cusp people into their lives. In my close circle of friends, 4/5 including me are born on the cusp. The Virgo had to ruin it. Hello, friend. We share a similar story, I think. My birthday is on March 20th as well and I’ve always felt a Pisces. However, technically I’m an Aries. Anyways I would love to share star charts and chat. I’m sure I could learn something. I thought both of my biological parents’ Suns were in Taurus, but I was wrong. My mom’s Sun is in 0° Taurus while my biological fathers were at 29° Aries. My grandma was an astrologer & when I was born we were told I’m an Aries sun, Scorpio moon, Virgo Rising. We never questioned anything she said. Long after she died I decided I wanted to do charts on my kids & have new charts printed up of the rest of my family. I typed my info in & it says I’m a Leo rising. Wtf! Lol. Every single one says, Leo. Which fits me much better! She’s not here to ask what made her decide Virgo. So I have no clue which one is right. My gut tells me to trust my grandma but my personality it’s totally Leo. I’m not sure what I am!